Our way of saying thank you

As a valued customer, we want to thank you for your business. We realize your support is the backbone of our dealership and without it we would not be in business. That is why we launched the Vehicle Upgrade Program.

What is the Vehicle Upgrade Program?

To better serve you, we would like to introduce our Vehicle Upgrade Program. One of the benefits of the Vehicle Upgrade Program is a Customized Vehicle Analysis (CVA) we provide for your current vehicle.

Your CVA provides valuable information regarding your vehicle, potentially saving you money by preventing costly surprises. Some important information this CVA provides:

  • Future Monthly Maintenance Cost you should budget for
  • Current Market Value of your Vehicle
  • Current status of your Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Current status of your Vehicle Service Contract
  • Current Gas Savings available to you
  • Current Monthly Payment Savings available to you

Can I upgrade my car today?

Yes. At Groove Subaru, we are currently paying above market value for high demand vehicles. See how your current car is the key to getting you into the car you have been dreaming about.

Why should I be interested in the CVA if I haven't considered trading my car in?

Many people are unaware of critical information about their vehicle. A good example is when customers bring their vehicles in for service and are stuck with large repair bills because they are unaware that their Manufacturer's Warranties or Vehicle Service Contracts have expired. Your CVA will identify and prevent this from happening to you.

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