Your Subaru dashboard is full of various lights that can indicate how much gas you have left in your tank, how late you are for work, or even what song you’re listening to. But some of the most important lights are the ones you’d really rather not see at all.

There are a number of warning lights that will illuminate if anything is wrong — or about to go wrong — with your Subaru. And it’s crucial for drivers to know what some of these lights mean in the event that they should come on.

So what do Subaru’s warning lights mean?

Basic Subaru Warning Lights

Let’s take a look at some of Subaru’s more basic warning lights.


The ABS light refers to your anti-lock braking system. If it becomes illuminated, your standard braking system will still work but the anti-lock braking system may not.


The battery warning is indicated by a square-shaped light that looks like a car battery with a “+” on the right side and a “-” on the left. If this light comes on while driving, the charging system may not be functioning properly or an alternator belt may be broken or loose.

Brake system warning

The brake system warning light can be identified by an exclamation point inside of a circle. The exclamation point is there by design — this light is to be taken seriously as driving with it on can be very dangerous. The light indicates that your brakes may not be working correctly and you may have difficulty slowing or stopping the car in a timely manner.  

Check engine

You’re probably familiar with the dreaded check engine light, which on a Subaru just says “Check Engine.” If this light comes on while driving, it’s recommended that you take your vehicle to the nearest Subaru dealer to have it inspected. This light can indicate more serious problems that may make it unsafe to continue driving.

Schedule Your Subaru Service

If your Subaru displays a warning light, schedule a service appointment with the team at Groove Subaru in Denver, Colorado, today, and both you and your vehicle will drive away happy.

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