There are many ways that cold weather can damage your car. From dead batteries to paint chipping due to salt, learn what to expect this winter season and how to avoid damage with safe driving habits and preparation.

6 Common Problems Your Car Can Experience During Winter

Not everyone is confident driving in hazardous conditions. Even if you’re the most seasoned snow-driver, a wintery slush can put you and others at risk. Listed below are common types of car damage you can expect during the winter season.

  1. Decreasing tire pressure

  2. Frozen half-filled gas tanks

  3. Frozen oil

  4. Weaker battery, spark plugs, and electronic connections

  5. Finish and undercarriage corrosion due to salt

  6. Frozen wiper blades

11 Easy Steps for Avoiding Cold Weather Car Damage

Now that we know what a difference cold weather can make on your car, follow these simple steps to avoid car damage this winter season:

  1. Keep your tires inflated to their proper PSI, or consider changing over to all-weather tires.

  2. Avoid allowing your gas tank become halfway empty.

  3. Let your car warm up before driving, but never in an enclosed area.

  4. Make sure your car’s fluids are inspected, replaced, and refilled.

  5. Consider waxing your car and cleaning the undercarriage before and after icy conditions.

  6. Never use cruise control when driving on ice, snow, or slippery conditions.

  7. Keep your distance from other drivers to give yourself more response time.

  8. Inspect your brakes, brake pads, and alignment before the winter season.

  9. To best protect your car, have it routinely serviced by a mechanic you trust.

  10. Consider upgrading your accessories, including wiper blades, racks, and advanced audio/media for keeping track of the news and navigation conditions.

  11. Test your car’s battery.

Beat the Cold Weather Blues with Groove Subaru

The experts at Groove Subaru in Englewood, Colorado know just how damaging winter can be to your car. Our highly-trained technicians are ready to get your vehicle ready for snow, ice, and other cold weather hazards. Schedule your service appointment today.

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